Order and pay

Order and pay

On our website you can order products within an easy process. After placing the products in the shopping cart you can proceed to checkout. It is also possible to have keys made to measure, in which case the process works slightly differently. We are now walking through it together.

Shopping cart

In the shopping cart you will see an overview of all your added products. From the area of ​​our website you will find the shopping cart at the top right. During your visit to our website, you will also see how many items have been added to this shopping cart and what value these products represent. When your shopping cart is filled with the intended products, you can proceed to the checkout page.

Custom key

If you want to have a custom key made, i.e. personalized for your car, the process works slightly differently. On the key overview page you do not add the keys to the shopping cart, you now click on the blue button of 'have a custom key made'. You will be taken to a page with a form. When you fill this in, we can make a quotation and contact you. Because customizing a key is very dependent on various variables, we have set up the process in this way. The purchase of the keys does not take place on our website, but will take place later in the workshop.

To settle

If you place your order online, you can pay after entering your details. You can first choose to collect or have your product(s) shipped. We then offer many payment options, including Paypal, credit card and bank payments.

Business customer

Are you a (foreign) business customer? Then check this and use our tool. When you enter your VAT number with your company name, our tool checks this and then deducts the VAT from the price if you are entitled to it. You indicate that you are a (foreign) business customer when filling in the billing information.

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